a back and forth

Work it out on the court!

Challenge someone to a match.

Open call for participants to develop a back and forth across the tennis net.

Johannesburg Lasts will be hosting a series of small socially-distant interactions on the Melpark Sports Complex’s tennis court throughout the month of November. By utilising the facilities on municipally-owned grounds, these small gestures can be considered an act of assertion to explore the possibilities for public land.

Anyone is invited to propose a ‘back and forth’ some time in November. These ‘back and forths’ can take any form (such as a debate, dance battle, lesson, chat, improv session, sports match, etc). The only restriction are:
- The match must fit, and take place, on one standard tennis court at the Melpark Sports Complex.
- The match must not damage or mark the surface of the court, net or surrounds in any way.
- Take place in the daytime.

These interactions will be recorded and published online here (www.backandforth.co.za). A small budget is available for the production and documentation of this event.

Once your form has been reviewed and approved by the Johannesburg Lasts team, we will contact you to schedule a date in November for your event, as well as figure out the logistics.

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Challenge a friend college or rival. 
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