Resonance Through Netting

Resonance Through Netting , 2020, Documentation of performance
Andrei van Wyk, Tumi Mogorosi, News From Home.

An on-site Sonic Performance initiated by Andrei van Wyk aka Healer Oran in collaboration with drummer Tumi Mogorosi. The performance forms part of the wider question of public space, and what is allowed to exist in these spaces. Does specific demarcations limit the possibilities of utilty or how should we interrogate these lines and corners? Should the soundscape of this public tennis court only consists of shoes squeaking and tennis balls bouncing, or may cymbals crash and audio feedback drift?

Performers - Andrei van Wyk & Tumi Mogorosi

Filmed by Simon Gush and Victoria Wigzell of News From Home & Zen Marie

Edited by Simon Gush

Set managed by Karin Tan and Skye Quadling